ITC was instrumental in the discussion that resulted in a step forward for structured transmission policy in 2011. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in July released its new rule related to regional transmission planning and cost allocation, referred to as Order 1000. The new federal rule signals the continuing evolution of the electric grid and recognition by regulators that the time to modernize the nation's transmission system is now.

Following months of news media outreach, advertising and conference participation on the topic by the company, ITC CEO Joe Welch was called to a Congressional hearing to share his perspective on the FERC order. Mr. Welch appeared before the Energy and Power Subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee in October.

At the hearing, Mr. Welch reaffirmed ITC's support for two key elements of the FERC order: planning and cost allocation guidelines for the construction of new electric transmission. Order 1000 gives regions tools to assist them in determining the most effective and efficient ways to build the infrastructure they need to meet consumer demand and reliability needs. Order 1000 also directs regions to integrate public policy objectives into their planning activities.

Implementation of Order 1000 promises to accelerate reliable access to power of all types and facilitate more competitive electricity markets.

Shaping the Future of Transmission

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Joe Welch

1. Joseph Welch, Chairman, President and CEO, testified before the United States House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Power in October on the importance of investing in transmission for our nation's energy future. Mr. Welch detailed the need to set a clear path to energy independence and energy security that includes a robust and efficiently planned electric transmission grid.

Cameron Bready

2. Cameron Bready, Executive VP and CFO, appeared on Fox Business Network in July amid a record heat wave to discuss the increasing demands on our nation's electric grid. Mr. Bready highlighted the crucial role regional transmission systems play in allowing power to move more freely across markets to ensure reliability and efficient market function.

Jon Jipping

3. Jon Jipping, Executive VP and COO, was interviewed in July about the nation's power grid and its ability to handle the stress of the summer heat wave. Mr. Jipping explained that transmission operators like ITC invest in and maintain their systems to handle these types of events. Mr. Jipping's comments were featured in an Associated Press article and Time Magazine.

Linda Blair

4. Linda Blair, Executive VP and Chief Business Officer, is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of AOL Energy and contributes commentary articles to the website. AOL Energy provides access to news, analysis, thought leadership and discussions about the top stories in the electricity sector today. Its five-member advisory board is composed of thought-leaders in the energy industry.

Daniel Oginsky

5. Daniel Oginsky, Senior VP and General Counsel, also serves as the company's Chief Compliance Officer. The Corporate Compliance Program ties together all company compliance activities – monitoring and focusing attention on compliance, driving communication on compliance and promoting best practices and education on this critical function.